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    How to Look Sexier in Heels

    Dress To Shop
    Wearing skinny jeans or a skirt makes it easier to try on shoes and boots.

    Check Yourself Out
    Look in a full-length mirror, not the little shoe ones, to get a complete picture.

    Ask Yourself: Toesies Safe?
    When buying open-toed shoes, always make sure the front fits snugly. You don’t want your toes gripping on for dear life.

    Use Your Living Room as a Test Track
    Get used to walking around in heels at home. Don’t choose ones that terrify you. Work your way up to those stratospheric heights.

    When in Doubt, Wear a Pump
    They always look good, and will be your go-to shoes for everything.

    Trade Basic Black…
    …for a basic nude, because it always elongates the leg.

    Ignore The Rules…
    …about “appropriate” daytime footwear. 

    Truth: Ankle Straps Aren’t For Everyone
    If you have strong calves or thighs, it’s not the best look. Stick to a pump for leaner, longer legs.

    -Glamour Magazine

    — 2 years ago
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