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"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."-e.e. cummings

    Hey, It’s Ok…

    …to change the radio to a cooler station before you give the keys to the valet.
    …if your totally fantastic outfit is (sh!) basically just jeans and a tee.
    …not to write “happy birthday” on a friend’s wall if you’ll be texting, calling, and meeting her later. Enough is enough.
    …if you and your friends still give guys code names. Anyone seen Big Bend lately?
    …to pick your appetizer based on what’ll look coolest on Instagram.
    …if you stopped watching The Office a million years ago but are still a little wistful about not being married to Jim.
    …to make guacamole and face masks from the same batch of avocados. Skin care and a snack! 

    — 11 months ago
    #glamour magazine 
    Hey, It’s Ok…

    …to go to the new Twilight twice to see if you can spot the trouble brewing.
    …to unfollow your coworker, a.k.a The World’s Most Boring Tweeter. Yes, it’s #sooocoldoutside. It’s November.
    …to check your luggage when traveling. Some of us have needs that can’t fit in an overhead bin.
    …to be skeptical of any guy who signs his emails “XO.”
    …to commute in flats, only to get to work and change into…less comfortable flats.
    …to wait in the car when picking up your friend who owns the incredibly friendly crotch-sniffing dog.
    …to think Pandora sometimes might me more in touch with your feelings than you are.

    -Glamour magazine 

    — 1 year ago
    #glamour magazine 
    Hey, It’s Ok…

    …to spend every day this week dressing around your mani.
    …to let it go to voicemail and text them back.
    …to immediately google “pregnancy signs” anytime your period is three hours late.
    …to wear last night’s eyeliner to today’s meeting.
    …to believe that nagging your boyfriend isn’t nagging; it’s motivational speaking.
    …to be a teeny bit annoyed when a bazillion people send you birthday wishes on Facebook. Hallmark, anyone? Just one?
    …to slip and say “me too-I mean, thanks!” when someone tell you they like your outfit.

    -Glamour Magazine 

    — 1 year ago with 1 note
    #glamour magazine 
    Eleven Things you can Only get Away With in Summer

    1. Dating a guy who, face it, you’ve never actually seen with his shirt on.
    2. Trashy novels, now totally justifiable as “beach reads.”
    3. Happily reducing your beauty routine to a ponytail, a pedicure, and a wax.
    4. Using an ice cube as a sex toy. Brrr!
    5. A really big, crazy-lady straw hat.
    6. Blasting Katy Perry in your car loud enough to get stares.
    7. Shimmer. Everywhere.
    8. “Baby, your’e such a good griller. You cook tonight.” 
    9. A shopping list that reads: yogurt, fruit, Corona.
    10. Going just a little blonder than you should.
    11. Frizz, sweat, bug bites, peeling. Whatever, you still look hotter than you did in January. 

    -Glamour Magazine 

    — 1 year ago
    #glamour magazine 
    The Clothes I Love On Women Now

    A Sweet Collar

    A Go-Anywhere Bag

    A Higher Waist

    Some Skin, Not Too Much

    Night Mixed With Day

    Comfort, Always

    -Guillaume Henry

    — 2 years ago
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    10 Things You Wore That You’ll Remember Forever

    1. The designer dress that cost more than a month’s rent. But-damn, girl!-it looked amazing!

    2. Both of your prom dresses, and maybe even what you wore underneath.

    3. Your wedding dress, alive in your imagination even if you haven’t had a wedding yet.

    4. The perfect black v-neck that you borrowed and never gave back.

    5. Every single piece of maternity clothing you wore. All. Those. Months.

    6. The expensive, scandalous lingerie meant to last one wearing only. Success!

    7. That first pair of real heels-wobble wobble. Also, your first bra, size 30AAA.

    8. The boring suit that got you the amazing job.

    9. The pair of running sneakers that you actually (proudly!) wore a hole through.

    10. The seatbelt that saved your life. 

    — 2 years ago
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    The Dos and Don’ts of Twiter

    1. DO have fun and be funny. Twitter is a great forum for punchy jokes.
    2. DON’T overshare. Nobody wants a newsletter announcing when you’re on your period.
    3. DO follow the stars you’d want to be friends with, the newspapers you read, the designers you wear and the websites you get great deals from. It’s the most in-the-know way to be in the know.
    4. DON’T bitch about work.
    5. DO play nice. This is a public forum, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face-or to a TV camera.
    6. DON’T exceed the tolerable four-tweets-a-day limit.
    7. DO take this chance to chat directly with your favorite celebs and authors. Sometimes they’ll even tweet you back!
    8. DON’T send anyone a picture of your private parts. Ever.
    9. DO use Twitter to its full potential. It’ been the breeding ground for books, TV shows and political revolutions. You decide what’s next.

    -Glamour Magazine 

    — 2 years ago
    #twitter  #glamour magazine 
    How to Look Sexier in Heels

    Dress To Shop
    Wearing skinny jeans or a skirt makes it easier to try on shoes and boots.

    Check Yourself Out
    Look in a full-length mirror, not the little shoe ones, to get a complete picture.

    Ask Yourself: Toesies Safe?
    When buying open-toed shoes, always make sure the front fits snugly. You don’t want your toes gripping on for dear life.

    Use Your Living Room as a Test Track
    Get used to walking around in heels at home. Don’t choose ones that terrify you. Work your way up to those stratospheric heights.

    When in Doubt, Wear a Pump
    They always look good, and will be your go-to shoes for everything.

    Trade Basic Black…
    …for a basic nude, because it always elongates the leg.

    Ignore The Rules…
    …about “appropriate” daytime footwear. 

    Truth: Ankle Straps Aren’t For Everyone
    If you have strong calves or thighs, it’s not the best look. Stick to a pump for leaner, longer legs.

    -Glamour Magazine

    — 2 years ago
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